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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

7 easy tips to a more pristine home-breathing experience

We think of home as a sanctuary from the craziness of the outside world, so it's a little disturbing to realize our indoor air may be laden with toxins. The best defense? Do something! Here are 7 easy tips to a more pristine home-breathing experience:

1. Get house plants and check soil often for mold. See this week's video for more information on choosing the right plants for your home and lifestyle.

2. Open your windows for at least five minutes per day to let in outside air.

3. Use fans to circulate air through your home, when the windows are open (we recommend going solar powered).

4. Clean or replace the air filter in your central system as needed.

5. Wash before you wear! New clothes are loaded with chemicals, so launder them before you even bring them inside the house. Use a green detergent.

6. Dust and Vacuum often to reduce particular matter in the air, fight allergies, and keep microscopic pests at bay.

7. Buy a non-toxic shower curtain pronto! Vinyl shower curtains are the most notorious off-gassers we can think of. And they live in the smallest, most confined room in your home. It's super easy to make this inexpensive change.