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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar Green Lessons for us all?

So you finally saw the much anticipated and popular Avatar movie, hopefully in 3D! If like many of you, you felt envious of their pretty much perfect bond with their planet... then we learned something right?

Pandora was an amazing world to experience and thanks to James Cameron we were shown a variety of cultures including Native American, African, Mayan, Maoris as a blending of indigenous tribes of the Earth in the blue coloration of the Na'Vi. Even the chief of the village was a famous Native American actor (Wes Studi) in all the great Indian films.

What the film lacked in original storyline it made up for in visual effects, creative landscapes and a wonderous connection to their vivid intense home planet. Earthlings have come so far from their world that even the jungles scare them, as I can attest to living now in the jungles of Maui.

What have you taken away and learned from this new environmental film?
How has it changed your perception of your connection to your own planet?
Who is our Eywa?