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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ecowarrior2012's yipi! Moments from SF Green Festival

Yo EcoWarriors,

Well the folks at yipi! (Rock your life and the Planet) caught me on camera at the recent SF Greenfestival this last weekend.  So what is a yipi moment you ask?

A breakthrough moment in your life, when everything changes... when you knew you would never be the same again for the rest of your life?

Mine was spending 3 whole days on a National Park island of Cairns, Great Barrier Reef... solo!  I lived in and hitchhiked in Australia at only 21,  and I had no idea I would have my own island until the NP boat service dropped me off.  I was already equipped with my own food, water and shelter for three days on the tiny Russell island... it was all mine!

WOW!!!  I experienced so many different emotions ranging from joy to fear, from loneliness to serenity, from excitement to deep contemplation... but most of all ultimate FREEDOM!  Have you ever stood on a hill and sang out loud for an hour... with no one else around to hear you, judge you, mock you or experience you?  For the first time in my life, I was truly alone and there was no one there to reflect my experience off of... and that was amazing for me.   It proved to me that humans are free beings and that we also need social relationships to make sharing it all worth it.  Chris McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp, went all the way to Alaska to experience the same feelings, as told in the great book, "Into the Wild."

So, what is your breakthrough moment in life?  How has it changed you forever?

Russell Island, Cairns, Australia

Chris McCandless, Alexander Supertramp in AK!