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Monday, April 5, 2010

Paper Book vs. E-Reader/iPad/Kindle? The Green Report

A fantastic sustainability repost from the NY Times about which is worse, a classic paper book or a new eReader, like Apple's iPad.  They used the 5 important below environmental steps to analyze the new inventions versus the traditional paper. 

1. Materials
2. Manufacturing
3. Transportation
4. Reading Energy
5. Disposal

I will be fighting for all products created to have report comparisons like this in all sectors where we feel we are modernizing and making life better for the planet!
"Read" the full article online

What computer or e-Reader did you use to read it?
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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yike my Bike!

Yike Bike Model

The newest electric bike to hit the world.  Fast, clean, quiet, lightweight, foldable and yes comes in it's own reusable zipper should bag.  Order one today for $4500US!

I want to try these inventions before spending thousands on them... who wants to start a green rental company?

Method Cleaner's- Hilarious "Shiny Suds" chemical ad yanked!

For more info check out Method's own People Against Dirty group: