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Monday, August 1, 2011

EVs vs Public transport

I am an avid public transport rider, as I have not owned a vehicle since 2003 (except for a few necessary months on Maui, HI).  As I wait for the SF Bart train to come whizzing by I am forced aware of how full capacity these trains already run at.  Eco-advocates often chastise people for driving their own vehicles and not taking the public option, thank god they do drive!
The SF Bart train and other trains in major US cities are already 110% packed to the gills during most commuter hours. I can not remember even sitting down on the way into SF from Berkeley as it is standing room only.  The future for a growing populations is not more people riding public transport but more electric vehicles on the roads.  Encouraging more on public transport can't be the solution of the day.
There are already programs created for people to carpool with other locals in a given area to maximize a car's capacity.  So if we can transition from gas/oil cars to 100% electric ones in the next 20 years... we just may be saved! 
The Nissan Leaf and the soon to be 100% electric Toyota Prius will lead the charge...
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