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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2012 Convention in Germany- September 2009

With the return of Quetzalcoatl - the plumed serpent - the year 2012, at the end of mayan calendar, stands for a transformations from our current way of life into the new one, which will lead toward a higher level of awareness. while some see this event as the coming of large catastrophes, the spiritual leaders and wise men see this date as the turning point leading to acceleration of conciousness growth which we can all sense already. At this large convention some of the leading experts and authors will report their research and findings. they will give speeches, show photos and visualizations to help guide us on the journey to this intense metamorphosis.

Guest Speakers include:

Josè Argüelles
Gregg Braden
Diana Cooper
Nah Kin - Eugenia Casarin
Tibor Zelikovics
Dieter Broers
Ute Kretzschmar
Rainer Berchtold
Peter Ruppel

on September 19-20th, 2009
Early booking until May 20th for $160 Euro
On Sept 19th the price is $180 Euros

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