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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better Place- Electric Car Battery Switch in Japan!

Better Place Battery Switch Technology Demonstration

Demonstration of the world’s first automated battery switch technology for electric vehicles in Yokohama, Japan.

Safety, recyclability, environmental friendliness

The safety of today’s battery technology is unprecedented. Better Place uses advanced lithium-ion batteries made from non-toxic materials. While early generations of lithium-ion batteries had a propensity to overheat, today’s lithium-ion battery has high abuse tolerance, low heat evolution, stable cathode material, and an intelligent pack design that ensures consumer safety.

A lithium-ion battery can also be recycled with minimal environmental impact. More than 95% of the battery materials can be recovered and reused.

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Staroot said...

Great Jared what you are creating here, thanks, I want to learn and join. What fun to see you