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Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Aussie Baby town don't want the Bottle!

Bundanoon Bans the Bottle....YEAH!!!

The small town of Bundanoon, New South Wales, Australia has taken the revolutionary forward thiking step of simply banning all bottled waters in their town. They have instead sold reusable bottles and created town public drinking fountains all over the small area. I feel that bans allow for choice still, as long as the choice is a more sustainable one.

AP Wire- " An Australian town pulled all bottled water from its shelves Saturday and replaced it with refillable bottles in what is believed to be a world-first ban.

Hundreds of people marched through the picturesque rural town of Bundanoon to mark the first day of its bottled water ban by unveiling a series of new public drinking fountains, said campaign spokesman John Dee.

Shopkeepers ceremoniously removed the last bottles of water from their shelves and replaced them with reusable bottles that can be filled from fountains inside the town's shops or at water stations in the street.

"Every bottle today was taken off the shelf and out of the fridges so you can only now buy refillable bottles in shops in Bundanoon," Dee told AFP!!

San Francisco banned the plastic bag and now we have paper bags being used and sold. I wonder which will have a longer lasting effect on the town and the environment?

Way to go BUNDANOON!!!

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Elliott Wright said...

town power is becoming one of the most effective vehicles to getting green goals accomplished. the question will be the accomplishment of larger goals through the efforts of smaller communities. how to make the most change happen the fastest? probably a combination. meanwhile, lets do what we can with our local communities.

ps - sorry i couldn't make "born into brothels." Saw the movie in 2007 and it was overwhelming. Did the event go well?

Elliott Wright