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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You're not a "Real" Leader!

A very challenging question we all face and come up against in these times.. what will it take for us to step us, rise up and lead us into a better world?  This below quote has been serving me well lately and reminding me to let go of the illusions of leadership... it is exactly us!

Enjoy and please share with others you care about.

Leadership and Liberation- by Sean Ruth page 38-39
"We are presented with models of leadership who are apparently, supremely self-confident and competent, passionately dedicated, convinced of their own correctness, single-minded and fearless.  For many in leadership roles who want to make a difference, however, this is not how it feels to lead.  They struggle with doubts about their intelligence or their competence, they feel scared, hopeless, or powerless at times, they get confused about what makes most sense or they are trying to juggle a number of competing demands on their time and energy while they pursue what they want to achieve.  In the midst of all this, it is easy to lose sight of their significance as leaders.  The messages that comes across is that real leaders do not struggle, that real leaders lead effortlessly.  The presence of doubts, fears confusion, exhaustion or discouragement can be taken to mean someone is not a real leader.

The reality is different.  Leadership is not about having no struggles.  It is not about finding it easy.  Umberto Eco said that the real hero dreams of being an honest coward like everyone else, that they are always a hero by mistake. Leadership is about not letting the struggles stop us.  It is not about never making mistakes or having to know it all. It is about giving ourselves permission to get it wrong and learning from what happens.  It is not about looking as if we have no difficulties.  It is about being able to show our struggle and not pretending to be what we are not.  Because we may find it difficult does not mean we are not real leaders.  Overcoming the difficulties, the feelings, or the blocks in the way is what leadership is about.  Everyone has this potential and one of the first steps towards realizing we do not ahve to be perfect before we start (to lead)!"

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