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Monday, December 27, 2010

Not Global Warming... Global Weirding!

So, as areas of our planet reach new record cold temperatures this concept of Global Warming needs to shift to Global Weirding! 

Many areas of the world will get colder, like San Francisco, as other areas of the world grow much warmer in summer months.  There is no real way to predict or know how this planet will shift in temperatures as it warms, cools, melts and locks in more sun's energy into our atmosphere.

The planetary shifts are upon us now... not in the future, reminding us to get aligned, reduce all our GHG emissions and realize the way we have been treating the planet for too long.  It is a bold reminder that our way of using the planet as an endless resource has come to an end period.  It is time to shift and evolve as the planet attempts to deal with the human impact on its system.


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