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Thursday, November 17, 2011

EBAY's: A QR Coded Holiday

Ebay has launched a new holiday based advertising and marketing campaign to incorporate innovative quick response QR codes.  This bold move and clever usage, as a gift ribbon design, takes the codes in a new creative direction, instead of the standard corner ad placement.
So, I know what you may be thinking... as Ecowarrior2012 (EW12)  follower why... should I really care?
Great question and though some may disagree with my answers. QR codes help consumers quickly and efficiently research and purchase items directly from their smart phones or tablets, once scanned.  I am all for supporting local shopping, especially at the holidays. Ebay now has millions of people selling reused items and reducing new product consumption, quite green actually.  The carbon footprints of shipping these "used" items is only a tiny fraction of what it costs us all, when buying new products. Now EW12 realizes that there are many new products sold on Ebay, still shipping from online purchases is more sustainable than one driving to and from multiple stores, as the packages ride mass transit in a way.
So I say go ahead and try to scan the new QRs with your smart phone and just make sure you are investing in good products that are truly needed. There is nothing cooler over the crazy holiday period than conscious consumerism!
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