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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sustain miniHome: A Modern Green RV!!!

The miniHome was created by the Sustain Design Studio team, and they describe it as:

The world’s first, completely self-sufficient, ecological trailer design, the miniHome features many of the ‘mod-cons’ that consumers have come to expect, without the associated energy, resource or material use. Within a well-organized 38 sm (350 sf), there is everything you need for comfortable, year-round, sustainable living.

We have designed the MiniHomes with:
* Engineered, High-Strength Recycled Steel Chassis (allows for easy siting and relocation)
* Natural and Rapidly Renewable Materials
* FSC Certified Woods
* Non-toxic and healthy finishes (no vinyl, no formaldehyde, no VOC’s)
* Wood-Efficient Framing Technologies (30% less material)
* Passive Solar Heating with Optimized Area:Volume ratio
* Natural Ventilation (exhaust high, supply low, cross ventilation)
* Passive Solar Shading (to prevent overheating)
* Air-tight Construction (to 0.7 ACH/hr)
* Heat Recovery Ventilation - for a constant supply of pre-heated fresh air
* Ultra-High Efficiency, Quiet Air Handling Unit (20W)
* Tankless Boiler/Water Heater
* Excellent control of vapour-flow and thermal resistance in the building envelope
* Rain-Screen Detailing (commercial grade)
* AC and DC Circuits
* LED Lighting
* Ultra-low Load Appliances (best of class Energy Star ratings)
* Hybrid energy systems are designed for the ‘plug-and-play’ addition of renewable energy sources, such as solar (photovoltaic) and wind.

Our models can be classed as trailers (ANSI-A119.5 or CSA Z241.1) or buildings (Conventional Building Permit Obtained for our site-built Kit Version) to comply with your municipal zoning or financing requirements. Turnkey and low-maintenance housing solutions are available from as low as $109,900 (USD) and with total combined annual operating costs of less than $500 - the MiniHomes represent excellent value for your dollar.

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