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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Sustainable MBA with Presidio!

In the Fall of 2010, Jared Brick (author) will begin his formal business career schooling with the new Presidio Graduate School with an MBA in Sustainable Management based in San Francisco, California.  This two year full time program is a newly concentrated area of study benefiting all types of private/public business ventures, civic government bold entrepreneurship and sustainable management.  It is my belief that the only business that will thrive in this new economy and even purely survive, will have dominant sustainable practices.

"Presidio is producing a new kind of leader in every area—from business management to public policy, from social entrepreneurship to global governance—with the courage and competence to manage, influence, develop, teach, and create."

Here is more about the Presidio Graduate School Sustainable MBA program:

"Presidio prepares MBA students to be skilled managers who are competitive and relevant in any field. Every business professional is challenged in today's marketplace to lead and manage successful organizations while understanding complex and interdependent issues such as greenhouse-gas emissions reduction, transportation planning, green building and procurement, waste management, and energy and water conservation. Navigating these challenges requires applying a new lens to traditional management practices.

Our degree in business administration connects rigorous management theory and practice with social responsibility, ecological awareness, systems thinking, and leadership within an integrated framework of sustainable management. As a unifying concept, sustainability weaves the core elements of the program together in ways that help students make connections, promote innovation, and create transformative solutions in service of a more sustainable future."

Please click Presidio Graduate School for an overview on their offerings altering the business world. 

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